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Beautiful Places in Pakistan

10 Beautiful Places in Pakistan You Should Visit in 2020

There are many beautiful places in Pakistan, the country is surely blessed with phenomenal and awe-inspiring landscapes, scenic rivers vast meadows, wide desserts, waterfalls, lakes, tremendous icy glaciers, and jaw-dropping sceneries. There is certainly no doubt that the country is sanctioned with every beauty a country can imagine.

If you are planning on visiting Pakistan as a tourist and witness the heavenly beauty the country holds then we recommend you to visit the northern areas of the mesmerizing country. The matchless beauty and the divine solitude you can experience in the northern areas of Pakistan are beyond explanation. The majestic mountains of the Gilgit, golden peak trek at Hunza, inspiring lake at Saif-ul-Mulook, clouds touching the tip of Sari Paya and captivating Fairy Meadows at the base of the Nanga Parbat.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the exceptional tourist spots Pakistan has and every tourist visiting the country must go there and enjoy the incredible beauty of nature.

Spot 1: Chitral

Chitral is the topmost favorite tourist spot in Pakistan, with Tirich Mir; the highest mountain peak and Hindu Kush mountain range. With lush green meadows, in Chitral there are several enormous mountains. There is a spot known as Garam Chashma which has miraculous hot water with healing powers in it. Paragliding and skiing are highly preferred sports in Chitral, whereas, Koghazi and Goleen are two favorite spots with incredible beauty in Chitral.

Spot 2: Neelum Valley

Almost 240 kilometers long, the wonderful Neelum Valley is located at the northeastern side of Muzaffarabad. It is parallel to the Kaghan Valley, which is separated by snow-covered peaks and sparkling blue water.

At Neelum Valley there is an incredible Ratti Gali Lake, that adds scenic views to the valley. Jagran Nallah is another exotic place that adjoins Neelum Valley allowing trout fishing. Kundal Shahi and Kutton are near to Neelum Valley that is also mesmerizing to visit. At Neelum valley, you are sure to witness some of the most astonishing and beautiful green meadows, lakes, and relive the beauty of nature with calmness.

Spot 3: Hunza

Hunza is a mountainous valley that is located in Gilgit, due to its simple beauty and natural exquisiteness it is one of the most popular tourist points in Pakistan. Amid Karakoram Range and Himalayan mountain, Hunza is just 100 kilometers away from Gilgit. At Hunza, you can visit Baltit Fort, the exotic Borith Lake and witness the world’s second-highest peak K-2; a perfect trekking spot for tourists.

Spot 4: Swat

A district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Malakand Division, Swat is a remarkable place filled with exceptional natural views and mesmerizing beauty. At Swat, you can visit Malamjabba ski resort, Saidu Sharif, Mingora, Bahrain and Kalam. All of these tourist points are counted as the most beautiful and breathtaking spots in Swat. Fizagat Park, Marghazar; also known as Sufed Mahal are also worth visiting and enjoy the countless beauty of the city.

Spot 5: Kaghan Valley

Ready to cast a magical and mystical spell on the spectators, Kaghan Valley is filled with exotic views and mesmerizing landscapes. Balakot and Naran are two wonderful valleys that are part of Kaghan Valley. At this valley, you can visit the famous Lake Saif-ul-Mulook which is surrounded by enticing greenery and remarkable natural beauty. Malika Parbat is also at the valley which is a pointed peak and Lalazar; a quaint green pasture is a perfect spot to unwind the soul and witness the secrets of nature with naked eyes.

Spot 6: Gilgit – Baltistan

Gilgit and Baltistan are the northernmost territory of Pakistan, which is surrounded by majestic beauty. Due to its amazing location and touching every beautiful spot of the country, Gilgit-Baltistan has much importance in Pakistan. Yasin Valley, Rakaposhi, and Naltar are some famous spots in Gilgit-Baltistan that are recommended by the tourists. You can find lush green meadows at Nanga Parbat to enjoy the green time with fresh eyes.

Spot 7: Kalash Valley

Kalash Valley is located in the district of Chitral. This scenic valley is surrounded by the famous Hindu Kush mountainous range. The Kalash Valley is surrounded by three different valleys called Birir, Rumbur and Bumburet. There are several old temples and historical places that tourists enjoy and learn about the historical background. Bahuk is a sacred lake at Kalash Valley that has a history linked to Kalash tribesman where it is believed that their souls live there.

Spot 8: Shandur Pass

Amid the district of Chitral and Gilgit – Baltistan, Shandur Pass is located surrounded by natural vegetation and mystical beauty. It is also known as the Roof of the World due to its flat plateau located at the extreme top. The top of the pass is completely flat which is also covered by snow with a calm lake. The mesmerizing land is a wonderful spot to visit for all the tourists who travel to Pakistan.

Spot 9: Rawalakot

Rawalakot is the capital of the Poonch district located in Azad Kashmir. It is referred to as a Valley of Pearls due to almond trees surrounding the beautiful tourist point. This city is regarded as one of the mesmerizing spots for the newly wedded couples to enjoy their honeymoon period with inspiring views.

Spot 10: Shogran & Sari Paye

Located in Kaghan Valley, Shogran and Siri Paye are two most loved tourist spots. Shogran is a wonderful hill station, whereas Siri Paye is a high mountain lake that is surrounded by beautiful clouds. Both of them are stunning to visit, enjoying the blessing of pure nature.

These are the most wonderful places in Pakistan that every tourist visiting the country ought to visit. If you desire to enjoy heavenly beauty on the Earth, then update your bucket list to visit the northern parts of Pakistan that are exactly what you might have imagined ever in your lifetime. Every city is surrounded by natural beauty, extending arms to embrace the tourists, allowing them to get lost in their beauty and breathtaking scenic views.

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