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Affiliate Marketing Guide

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing in 2020


Earning money while you are sleeping seems a joke. But it’s the marvelous reality that modernization has brought to us. You do not need to meet potential customers, and there is no need to go into the field. What you need to do is affiliate marketing.

You have acquaintance with the term “Affiliate Marketing” but may have no familiarity with the actual meaning and working of it. This article will provide you comprehensive and complete guidance about Affiliate Marketing and will introduce you with the ways of making money by becoming an active affiliate marketer.

Yes, you heard true. You can earn big through affiliate marketing!!! That is what we call a passive income.

A passive income is one that you can earn while you have worked for it before and will receive afterward, depending upon your efforts and skills. While you sleep, your bank account will continue increasing. Who will resist this sort of passive income??

Before starting the steps, it is better to understand the importance and scope of affiliate marketing.

What and Why an Affiliate Marketing??

This section will provide an insight into:

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • What is the scope and importance of affiliate marketing?
  • How does affiliate marketing work?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In this technologically advanced era, everyone is connected via social media. Businesses are also using e-commerce websites to access targeted customers on a broader scale. Technology has boosted the functioning of companies at the international level. It is not only an edge for business organizations but individuals also.

Individuals who want to start affiliate marketing should have an idea of what affiliate marketing is??

It is a technique of promoting goods and products of others, and by doing so, you earn a commission. This promotional activity is carried out through a proper affiliated network. You will be entitled to make a commission if your efforts transform the expected buyers into actual buyers, and those will buy the products eventually against your efforts. Affiliate marketing is very much common nowadays because people are socially connected, and they share their experiences and knowledge about the term.

What is the scope and importance of Affiliate Marketing?

In today’s world, it sounds hectic to do a 9 to 5 job. The majority of people wish to be their boss. It is challenging to do a dull, tedious, and hectic task. In this case, affiliate marketing helps people in doing something new and adventurous work every day and eventually earn money. Affiliate marketing has become the primary reason for making their dreams come true. You can become an entrepreneur, your boss. Say thanks to affiliate marketing!!

The importance of affiliate marketing can also be visible through the earnings. It is a matter of the fact that affiliate marketing provides a fantastic opportunity to earn a lot of money. But at the same time, it requires hard work, intelligence, and smartness. With the help of specific tools and techniques, you can quickly get the desired amount.

In the modern era, work through online channels has spread a lot. It involves the use of the latest technologies. Over time, more and more people are connecting with affiliate marketing and increasing their sources of earnings.

Affiliate marketing is the primary cause of increasing the sales volume of online businesses. Some recent research works show that online sales of companies increase with the help of affiliate marketing. The estimated increase is calculated up to 20% to 25% approximately. And this seems quite reasonable.

Affiliate marketing is also contributing to the GDP of the economies of the relevant countries. This assistance is making nations more prosper and developed.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

The working of affiliate marketing can be divided into the following four phases:

The Merchant

Merchant is the seller or the one who brings the idea of any product or service. He is the sole owner of the goods or ideas, and he is the one who avails the assistance of an affiliate marketer. Merchant can be an individual who wants to sell his goods, or it can be a large organization or company that sells its products.

Affiliate Network

It is the place where the affiliation takes place. An affiliation network provides the space for making promotions of different products or services. This network can be owned by an individual like Mariah Coz or an organization like Commission Junctions or CJ. Sometimes the affiliate networking place can be the whole web site. This web site allows writing promotional views about millions of products available for sale and eventually ensures your commission on every single transaction.

Consumers or Buyers

Consumer or buyers are the actual people who will avail the opportunity of buying something after getting reviews about specific products. These buyers are the familiar people who ensure to take goods or products that are available for sale, and some promotional activity inspires them.


A network is a medium of connecting the buyer and seller. With the help of any affiliated system, the people can come together to find the goods and services that suit best to their nature, and they are quite satisfied with the promotional activities of that particular network.

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Some of the crucial advantages of affiliate marketing are as follows:

Flexible Working Hours

The best part of affiliate marketing is that it does not include dull and hectic 9 to 5 routine. You can easily do the work of affiliate marketing at any time and any place. This job does not require you to stick to a single location and restricted to that seat permanently. The best part of affiliate marketing is that it includes the flexibility of working hours. You can choose the hours of your own choice for working and can increase or decrease the hours as per your need or demand. The same facility cannot bed availed in the routine jobs available in our society.

Be Your Boss

If you are thinking of getting rid of your current job or if you are not happy with your boss, then affiliate marketing will be the lender of last resort for you. You can become your boss by choosing the work of your personal choice, and the deliverance time will also be dependent on you. You can now say goodbye to your tedious daily practice and can enjoy the life of a confident and self-motivated individual. The process of affiliate marketing will bring a pleasant and joyful experience for you. It will also help you in learning a lot of new skills techniques and expertise.

Guaranteed Source of Passive Income

The Internet has now become a natural source of performing specific tasks that can help a person in its individual life. It can transform the social and financial state of a person. With the help of affiliate marketing, you have to do consistent work for the betterment of your economic life. The only rule to affiliate marketing is consistency and patience. It will bring rewards and benefits to you afterward.

Qualification, Experience Not needed

For affiliate marketing, it is not essential to what degree you possess or what past practical Experience do you have. Great?? Yes, it is excellent, indeed. There is no need to prepare you for the long and hectic recruitment process. Even you can start doing affiliate marketing with little or no previous knowledge and Experience. The field has its learning procedures that you will encounter after entering the area.

Far From Hectic Field Work

Practical marketing has its demands for working. You need to move into the field. You have to do meetings with the companies and customers to take their reviews. Penetrating in the market is also very important to influence the purchasing decisions of the consumers. But this can be done while you are staying at your home. You just need to sit in front of your laptop or desktop. While spending a few hours in front of a computer, you can start earning as much as you have the skills and capabilities.

The following can be considered as its cons, but in actual these are some tips to get success in affiliate marketing:

One Rule, Give Time

The only thing that affiliate marketing demands are to give your time. You need to spend some time searching for the ways of influencing people. Once you get the means to do so, then it will become easy for you to explore the opportunities further.

Work Hard with Patience

Patience and consistency is the key to success in affiliate marketing. If you lack both, then there is no room for you in the field.

It Takes Time for Making Goodwill

You will get fame and success after some time, but hard work is the only condition for arriving at the desired position.

Step by Step Guidance for Beginners

Following are some easy yet effective steps to learn affiliate marketing:

Work for Your Niche

You need to explore the field in which you are best, for example, if you are right in content writing or product reviews, having strong command in SEO, or can perform best in the field of tech-based writing. Several fields need to be explored by you before entering the area.

Planning is the master key

Preparation is the only way to get success. Without having a proper plan or course of action, you cannot move further. If you want to achieve a particular position in affiliate marketing, then make plans. The plans must include the field in which you want to work; you must choose the techniques that you will follow and the products that you think.

Web site development

There is the best way of affiliate marketing to develop your web site. It will take some time to develop a web site and to attract the traffic towards your web site, but in the future, this will surely provide you extra benefits. Having one’s web site can increase the value of working that you have done and will bring some extra rewards for you.

Looking for affiliate products

Always look for affiliate products. These affiliated products will bring rewards without any doubts, and no frauds are involved in the promotion of such affiliate products. The biggest network for affiliate marketing is Amazon. Amazon is the platform that provides 100% affiliate products for affiliate marketing and the earning of a commission.

Targeting potential buyers

Always focus on the product that you are going to promote. After choosing a precise product, you can easily find the people who are in great need of such a product. By doing so, you can meet the actual buyers and consumers.

Making sales and earnings revenues

If you have followed all the above steps, then get ready for the earning that you will surely receive in some time. Whenever any buyer purchases a product after getting inspired by your reviews and promotional activities, then you will be entitled to earn a commission.

5 Easy Tips to Earn High Ranking

Some easy tips for making a good ranking are as follows:

  • It’s an entrepreneurship
  • Be patient and have to believe
  • Affiliate marketing demands consistency
  • Believe, and trust is everything
  • Counselor is must

Do’s and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing

Some do’s are:

  • Hard work
  • Proper research
  • Patience
  • Using specific tools and techniques
  • Always be focused
  • Always choose affiliated products and networks

Some don’ts are:

  • Never go for unaffiliated products
  • Searching irrelevant material
  • Go beyond limits
  • Activities against laws


Affiliate marketing is not going to disappear anywhere. We can easily predict the future of e-commerce by having an insight into the speed and success rate of online businesses. An increase in these businesses will further require more assistance from affiliate marketing in the coming years, and so on.

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