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SEO in 2020

A Guide to SEO in 2020 | The Strategies and Trends to Follow

One of the most meaningful things for a website is to communicate the content in such a way to the target audience that they can relate to it and understand it precisely. For a website, it is not just working on keywords and filling the content with words that are not providing a solution or an answer to the query the viewer seeks.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is certainly not just about working with keywords and tracking the algorithm changes every single hour. Since its inception, Google has always been cleared regarding its policy of SEO that the content must be meaningful and consequential. Therefore, instead of scrutinizing the exact technology behind the science of search, the marketers of this era need to redirect their marketing efforts towards more appropriate, relevant and purposeful content generation.

There is no doubt that SEO is evolving the industry and every now and then there are new algorithms and changes that affect the content and its search-ability on the search bar. Since years SEO is helping the content in being found easily with specific keywords integrated with it, it is helping in communicating a brand to their target audience in a specific way. But there are some new trends of Search Engine Optimization for 2020 that need to be discussed and implemented to priorities the content on the site for better audience interaction.

Followed SEO Strategies of 2019

There is no shame in accepting that sometimes we as humans fall in love with a strategy and keep on implementing it no matter what. No doubt that strategy worked out the first time, the second time or even the third time, but it will always work, well there is no guarantee on that.

By applying the same strategy every time leads to disappointing results and lessening of creativity. When it comes to SEO, the dying strategies always leads to a loss in the business.

Link Building the Old School Way

There is no doubt that link building is beneficial and is considered as a valuable asset when it comes to SEO. It is considered as one of the top search ranking factors. But the algorithms are changing as so does the link building strategy using old school strategies must be put to an end.

Prior, SEO professionals used to spam the links over any random directory for the link building of their own website. But now it is way beyond that. Link building ought to be done across those sites that support the niche of your site and business and have any link with it.

In this era, quality matters more when it comes to link building and not the quantity of the links you have across the internet. Relevancy plays a pivotal role and is deemed to be followed by SEO in 2020 just like in 2019.

Being on Top is No Longer a Reward

By the mid of 2019, it was realized by maximum SEO professionals that ranking your site on the top is not always going to translate in bigger rewards. As per the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), websites ranked on top are not having increased website traffic as compared to early 2019 and 2018. They are mostly ridden with ads, snippets and question boxes.

Even though the page is ranked at the top position in the search engine, still it can be buried under other things. Therefore, instead of obsessing with the top positions now SEO professionals are focusing more on different metrics, such as CTR (Click Through Rate). This is deemed to be followed for SEO in 2020 as well.

Creative Content and EAT

There is no doubt that the content of the website plays a pivotal role, especially when it comes to SEO. The work of the search engine is to match the content it thinks as good and beneficial with the content the user is searching for. Therefore having appropriate content is crucial by all means.

Since content creation is the backbone of the website, therefore, it is necessary to create such content that can easily match with your business strategy and search intent.

Some experts suggest that the best practice for genuine content is to follow EAT principles. It is important for the site where Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness – EAT is followed. Through following this strategy the content is expected to be ranked higher. It is expected to be followed for SEO in 2020 as well.

Trends and Tactics of New SEO Strategies for 2020

There are top four SEO trends that will be introduced in 2020 and are expected to change the face of the contemporary and prevailing Search Engine Optimization strategies, worldwide.

Mobile and Voice Search

Indeed, experts are still working on finding out how big the voice search is and what impact it has over the search engine. But the most reliable data currently proves that mobile voice search is getting stronger and stronger with the time and it will continue to grow.

Back in the year 2015, Google revealed that mobile search is leading as compared to desktop search. In 2018, it was revealed that more than half of the traffic on the website in the US is routing directly from mobile. As per a survey, last year’s users spent more than three and a half hours on their mobile devices a day on average. These indicators indicate that mobile phones have become an essential part of people’s lives and they use it for their everyday searches.

Moreover, Google has also switched its priorities with the introduction of the Mobile-First Index. Through this, Google will use mobile versions of the websites for indexing and ranking them. Hence, since August 2019, if the mobile version of your website is not proper or lack in content than there are 100% chances you are losing your website ranking and indexing spot.

It is also evaluated recently that users are using their voice to search for results on the search engine on their smartphones. As per the algorithms built against this research, people mostly use voice search when they are in the middle of some work, therefore, the top five positions are important for mobile search ranking.

Semantic Search and Internet Optimization

Semantic search is simply data retrieval methodology where the user intent, as well as the resources, are represented in a proper semantic model i.e. in a hierarchy model. It describes the search engines’ attempt in generating the most appropriate and accurate prediction. It consists of the search intent, query context and the relationships between the words being searched.

Google has moved from the exact-matching keyword algorithm years ago but sadly many of the SEO professionals are still not implementing the changes that took place. As per the new algorithm set by Google, it no longer uses an actual string of words that are being typed on the search bar. It analyzes the search intent, the query of the context while managing the relationship between all the words written to be searched.

Long keywords are no more entertained by SEO in 2020 if the businesses, brands, and websites wish to survive, they ought to adopt the latest semantic search and work closely to internet optimization.

With the semantic search, the Google search matrices distinguish between all the different entities such as people, place, scenario, etc. and interpret the searchers intent while analyzing four crucial factors such as users search history, user’s current location, the global search history and all the spelling variations of the word.

For example: after performing more than 10 searches on different snakes and then you search for diamondback than Google will present all the results related to the Western diamondback rattlesnake. Google will predict the outcome after analyzing the search history that was about snakes. Though diamondback is a popular bicycle brand too but due to past searches i.e. search intent, Google will predict it is about a snake.

Though this is an old change but in 2020 it is expected to be implemented the most by every leading business and brands to appear in the search results retaining top positions.

Visual Searching

Visual search is simply searching for something using images and visual pieces. It is an old concept but in 2020 it is predicted that it will take leap and bounds in helping the users finding the appropriate query they are looking for. The image is scanned using artificial intelligence that will help in understanding the element correctly and displaying the relevant results that match with the image.

As per the latest research conducted by MIT, more than 90% of the information transmitted to the human brain is visual. Therefore, 2020 is predicted to be all about visual ability to comprehend information, process it and rely on it. For example, when we are shopping online, we are using visual sense by examining the images of the product. In the same way, visual searches on the search engine lead to the convenient finding of the query made.

For example, you are searching for some sort of bed but don’t have an idea what name it has. The easiest way is to snap its picture and search on Google using its image to find appropriate search results against the image.

Currently, companies such as Pinterest, Amazon, Bing, and Google are considered to be top visual platforms that rely on the same algorithm. These platforms rely solely on visual work leading to visual searches.

In the near future, these visual searches are regarded as potential phenomena that can help in increasing the transactions of future prospects. When a user is searching using an image, the Google algorithm searches for the most accurate answers using visual searching, making results more refined and categorized. Through visual searching, the cross-selling and personalized experience can be easily enhanced.

Structured Data

Coding data in a specific format where it is written in such a way that the search engines can easily understand is termed as structured data for Search Engine Optimization. What search engine does with this structured data is that it reads its code and then displays it in an appropriate manner.

It is predicted that the upcoming year i.e. 2020 is going to be huge for the semantic data. Now Google is gradually updating its initial guidelines along with adding support that leads to structured data that includes FAQ Page, fact-check and many others.

It is evident that now Google is totally interested in extracting more of the data from the website pages along with giving the publishers of the site more exposure in exchange. In 2020, through structured data, businesses that are working as per the SEO algorithm will be getting a clear competitive advantage over those businesses who will be neglecting the phenomenal Google’s move.

If there is a website regarding different recipes and there are a lot of them. With structured data when someone searches with any keyword that matches your recipe page, Google will automatically show it before other pages. It is done because through structured data the content becomes rich and classified, which helps Google algorithms to read it earlier and more specifically.

Final Verdict

It is evident that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is moving fast and it is indeed an exciting industry to be a part of. People who are fast to understand the actually SEO algorithm on time can easily phase out leaving their competitors behind them.

It is essential to understand that more than 75% of the users only visit the first page of the search engine to complete their search query. Therefore it is motivating enough to ensure optimization of your website to achieve a spot on the first page of the search engine among the top 10 spots.

It is recommended that the higher management must invest in SEO marketing believing it as a long-term strategy without compromising over its principles. By following the predefined algorithms, the businesses can expect higher revenues and profit maximization by doing SEO in 2020 and beyond without any hurdle.

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