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Coronavirus | Here’s Everything You Need to Know About it

Coronavirus belongs to the family of the viruses that can affect birds, animals, and humans. It belongs to the same family of SARS and MERS, which came from animals and affected a lot. Before going into the details, let me tell you that the virus is so tiny organism that you can’t see them with a simple microscope. A virus is an infectious agent and divides itself into the living cells. Some of the viruses are not dangerous for humans, but many of them cause death, such as coronavirus, which is becoming very popular around the world.

What is Coronavirus?

The word coronavirus came from a Latin word corona means crown because it looks like the exact shape under an electron microscope. Coronavirus belongs to the family of viruses that are found in both animals and humans and spread diseases. If you look into the history of the viruses, you will get to know that the viruses came from animals to a human being. This is the reason that they are known as zoonotic in nature.

What is Novel Coronavirus?

The novel coronavirus is the latest type of coronavirus that is temporarily named as 2019-nCov, and it is spread in Chinese city Wuhan. This type of virus is a new type that was never seen before by the experts. Experts suggest that the novel coronavirus transferred from animals.  Most of the affected people have visited the wild animal market. Although it belongs to the same family of SARS, but it is completely a different and newly discovered virus.

Where Did This Virus Originate?

There is no solid proof about the origin of the virus, but the Chinese Health Specialist has closed the market because some said that it would have caused coronavirus. According to WHO, animals are the primary source of this virus. Some of the officials claim that eating bat soup and snacks could be the origin of coronavirus.

How Deadly is Coronavirus?

No doubt, the virus is deadly, and it has affected thousands of people in a few weeks, and hundreds of them are dead. Some people think that it is as deadly as SARS and MERS. SARS killed 800 people around the world, and MERS killed half of the infected people. While some experts completely disagree, and they say that the 2019-nCov is far dangerous and more powerful then other viruses of its family. It comes with mild symptoms that become severe with the passage of time. In acute cases, it leads to death. The people with some medical condition are more vulnerable to severely ill by this virus.

What is the Mode of Transmission?

To be honest, there is not enough research and information about this virus. However, as the virus came from animals, but the researchers also claim that it is spreading from person to person. It is although spreading from animals to humans. According to the National Health Commission of China, it is transforming from human to human. In humans, sneeze, cough, and exhale are the leading ways by which the virus is transforming. It is a respiratory virus, and when an infected person coughs, the droplets pass through the air and affect the other guys as well.

Is New Coronavirus More Dangerous Than Normal Influenza?

Three hundred sixty-one deaths have been reported until February 4th, 2020, and over 13,000 are infected by the virus. This is a very alarming situation. The mortality rate for novel coronavirus is 2%, which is even higher than that of seasonal flu (1%). It is a new virus, and there is no vaccine for this virus that makes it even more difficult to control from spreading.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Seeing the condition of the affected people by a coronavirus in China, there are some notable symptoms of this virus. Such symptoms include a flue, high temperature (fever), running nose, sore throat, cough, and problem in breathing. Along with this, an infected person may experience fatigue muscle pain. In serious cases, it leads to severe pneumonia and respiratory problems. This is how it leads to death in no time. The symptoms are mild, and most people don’t usually notice them except when they become severe and difficult to handle.

How Can You Avoid Getting Infected If You Are in China?

If you are in China, then you need to follow these safety precautions to avoid getting infected by a coronavirus.

  • If you are in china, limit your activities.
  • Don’t go near the people who are infected.
  • Always wear the mask when you visit a market.
  • Avoid contact with animals and try not to visit any animal market.
  • Always wash your hand with soap.
  • Follow the general guidelines of the Chinese Government.

Should You Go to a Doctor If You Have a Cough?

If you have traveled to China and You have been in contact with the people who are already infected by the virus, then you need to visit the doctor if you have a cough. Otherwise, coughing is normal. However, If coughing remains for a long period of time with pain in the chest and difficulty to breath, then you must visit a doctor.

Can You Catch Virus from your Pet?

Some of the sources claim that coronavirus was spread from wild animals. This is the reason the Chinese Authorities instantly shut down the market. However, there is no such evidence that could relate to the spreading of the virus from animals. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is no evidence of spreading this virus from pets.

Should You Wear Mask?

It is a common myth that wearing a mask can protect you from the virus. Wearing the mask doesn’t offer 100% protection from the virus; however, you can avoid the risks ad limit the spread of the virus to some extent. If you are going outside for shopping, then you need to wear gloves and special glasses as well. Whenever you are with the people, try to keep a distance of about 3 feet. WHO advises people to wear medical masks if they have some mild symptoms of coronavirus. Always make sure the mask is clean and hygiene.

Can You Receive a Package from China?

Yes, there is no harm in receiving a package from China. The viruses don’t survive for a long period of time; therefore, you can receive packages and deliveries from China.

Is There Any Medication to Treat Coronavirus?

Sadly, there is no medication or vaccine to treat coronavirus. Those who are having the virus should follow the general safety guidelines and receive appropriate care to relieve the symptoms. You should avoid close contact and clean your hand after every meal. There are many rumors about safety, but researchers are still busy finding the cure for the disease. They will be successful in their efforts in the near future.

Final Thoughts

Thousands of the people in China are affected by Coronavirus that belongs to the family of SARS and MERS. The origin, as well as the medication of the virus, is still unknown. It has mild symptoms, but they become severe with the passage of time and leads to death in severe cases. The residents of the city are advised to stay at their homes and limit the activities. Scientists are working to create an antidote of the virus that can save countless lives.

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