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How and Why Anxiety must be Reduced Gradually Over Time

Anxiety is a real phenomenon and no matter how intense it is or how much it is causing harm to your personal and social life, it can always be shrunk, stopped and you can always move in with your life. But moving on with anxiety and leaving it behind is not game play for a day or two. It is a long process and takes maximum effort, struggles and serious fights to get over it. For a long-lasting effect on your life, experts recommend that anxiety must be reduced gradually, over time.

The fundamental rules for overcoming anxiety on a permanent basis require a practical approach accompanied by patience, persistence and determination. There is no doubt that there lies no quick fix when it comes to anxiety, which is really frustrating many times. Once you feel anxiousness is overtaking your mind it is suggested to either listen to music or eat a healthy snacks or even go for a mindful and self-healing walk.

What is Anxiety?

Before directly moving towards why to slowly and gradually deal with anxiety, let us understand what it is in the first place.

Everyone feels anxious and this is the most common emotion. You may feel nervous when it comes to making some decisions or have an important day ahead. You feel anxious and this is not termed as a moment of anxiety.

Anxiety is, in fact, a mental illness that restrains a person from carrying his or her life normally. When the anxiety is at its peak, it becomes nearly impossible to control or cope up with daily life routines.

The feeling during anxiety attacks are most intense, it negatively affects a human’s ability to think positively, their general behavior changes and their health is affected badly. Anxiety leaves a person in complete distress and restrains them from enjoying their life to full.

Difference between Anxiety and Depression

Though anxiety and depression are two different mental illness but they are often confused as together similar terminologies. This is mainly because people who are suffering from anxiety later develop depression or who are diagnosed with depression are later diagnosed with anxiety also.

But they both are different, depression is when you lack interest in all the enjoyable activities, whereas in anxiety there is a lot of stress only, but they can enjoy particular events until their anxiety triggers. Depression leads to insomnia and even hypersomnia but anxiety has trouble sleeping or disturbed sleeping patterns only. Depression leads to suicidal thoughts and even people tend to attempt suicide, but people suffering from anxiety just become irritable. So these are common differences between both.

Crucial Reasons Why Anxiety Must Be Reduced Over Time

Now we will try to understand why the anxiety must be not be reduced immediately and how to strategies to reduce it over time. Here are some actual reasons.

  • When you are trying to fight against anxiety, never try too many things all at once as it could be overwhelming resulting in hopelessness, discouragement and the urge to give up. Through this, the anxiety level will soar to a much higher level.
  • Avoid trying several strategies all together as it becomes nearly impossible to identify which strategy is actually working and has better results over the anxiety concerns. Try to comprehend the strategies and with time try to work on them and sort out which strategy is helping the most and will work in the long term.
  • Anxiety requires time and it’s much time to adapt the changes and adjust as per them. Without the heart and brain adapting the changes at the same time, the emotions will get high that will intensify the anxiety level and make the condition much worse. Don’t go for quick changes, take everything at slow progress and allowing the heart and brain to recover from anxious behavior and stress.
  • Patience and persistence are a key factor to reduce anxiety, therefore, the behavior needs time to be changed and the new actions must be practiced regularly stimulating to the environment until they become a habit.
  • Rushing the improvements and emphasizing the changes quickly leads to temporary improvement that leads to a much worse scenario later. It is agreeable saying to reduce anxiety is easy rather than the implementation but patience always wins at the last. It is better to avoid anxiety-provoking conditions during the anxiety treatment time.

How to Remain Patient While Progressively Reducing Anxiety

It is pivotal to give yourself some time to learn all the anxiety-reducing strategies, understand them, implement them, practice them regularly and then use them till the practice becomes a habit. This whole process requires high endurance level, determination, and perseverance.

Once you are able to adapt the changes and a strategy fixes your schedule then start continuing your daily life with small baby steps. Try to be mindfully present in the current situation and try not to overthink the later outcomes or what things can happen in the future, which is yet to come. This method will help in reducing the anxiety soaring and will allow you to control your nerves better than before. Again, don’t speed up the process, just work slowly and gradually over the issue and try to give some extra time to yourself, understanding your own feelings, emotions and concerns.

When working over the anxiety concerns always remember the story of The Tortoise and The Hare where the Hare started the race with speed but lost the race to the Tortoise who started slowly but will utter determination. Determination, commitment and persistence can only lead to exceptional results. A step by step process will always help in fighting against the anxiousness and uneasy thoughts, whereas if quickening the process can lead to an increase in anxiety and can make the condition worsen, leading to depression. Just remember, slow and steady always win, now either it is a race or it is dealing with the anxiety.

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