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How to grow Plants at your home

Some Ideas on How To Grow Plants At Your Home

To make the best use of little spaces at your home, gardening gets never out of fashion. Whether it is your backyard, lawn, terrace or even window, you can grow plants and give your place the most serene aura. Gardening not only gives your home a voguish ambiance but also soothes yourself and helps in meditation. Not everyone has the luxury of a home garden, but that is no more worrisome at all.

Appreciate the ultimate glory of nature, by growing your own indoor or outdoor plants because gardening costs less than therapy. Get all your home accessories that are no longer in use and start cultivating plants of your own choice. The following are the ideas that can be considered for growing plants.

Make your own little garden

It is a common saying that, A garden is a friend you can visit anytime. If you have a little lawn space, you can grow your own little garden. If it is not feasible for a proper garden setup, you can place pots with different flowers grown. Your lawn space can also have spare tires turned into planted pots with a little DIY

However, this area can serve multipurpose and can be used as a dining area for your family or a little play area for your kids or even a hangout place when you expect guests over.


Fairy gardening your home entrance will give your body and soul a rejuvenating vibe every time you step into your home. For fairy gardening, used plastic bottles, recycled wood from old furniture can be used, you can also add your kid’s toys to make it more lively and if you are unable to grow flowers, artificial flowers can be added as well.

Grow Your Own Herbs

There is a number of herbs that can be grown at home, some of them are given below.


You can grow basil seeds to grow basil, feed your pot ore sunlight and have your own homegrown


It can also be cultivated by digging its tips in the soil.


It can be grown in summer by planting its seeds and likes to be exposed to more

Using a mature plant

Tarragon can be grown in the late fall, place your container in the coolest spot indoor first and give it sunlight

Food Tastes Way Good If You Grow Your Own

With a little experimentation, you can grow your own fruits and vegetables in your kitchen. If you do not have a sun-facing spot, you can place a recycled water bottle or small pots on your kitchen window and can grow a number of fruits and vegetables like mint, coriander, tomatoes or even green chilies and enjoy the feast on your own cultivated food.

Trade Floor For Walls

Besides landscaping, vertical plantation gives your place exquisite. Walls that can be utilized to grow greenery could be of your front-yard, balcony or that special place at your home where you like to meditate.

Going Up Instead Of Down

Vertical hangings can be done on your balcony, corridors or front-yard by growing plants on transforming used light bulbs, cans, vases and master the fine art of soul to

Use Your Room Windows

Your room windows can also be used to grow flowers to give an aesthetic appearance to your room plus to spread warmth and welcoming vibe to anyone who enters your room.

Plants in a geometric pattern can be grown on your window, like square or triangle shaped flower beds as per your window design. Trimmed and small-spaced grown flowers on your window pockets will a tidy and attractive feel to your room.


let your feet feel the glorious nature whenever you go out or enter your house by growing grass on your home pathway. Apart from aesthetics, walking on grass aids your mind and body in several ways and gives your home a 360 degree eco-friendly

With the increasing global warming, give your house a climate-friendly environment and play along in saving the planet. And if you did not succeed at first in growing your desired plants, do not sit back, as there is no such thing as gardening mistakes but experiments.

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