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Time to be the Savviest Traveler with these Top Travel Tips


Traveling is all about fun and exploring a new area, new cities and visiting exotic locations. Traveling can be the most life-changing and thrilling experience of life only when the essentials of traveling are cared for. If the crucial necessities of traveling are ignored, certainly there are chances that the excursion or holiday or business trip you have planned will all go to ashes.

Therefore one must be savvy enough to know the ups and downs, ins and outs, real and bummer of traveling. This is an art that comes to everyone but with more traveling and experiencing the scenarios never witnessed before. In the beginning, you are deemed to make terrible mistakes due to many reasons such as cultural unawareness, arrogant or skeptical behavior, etc.

But people learn from their mistakes and experience is gained by learning. Hence here are some famous and most useful traveling tips that can save your money, ensure a better experience and create a path for more thrilling traveling than before.

Tip # 1: Be Patient in Everything

Patience has its own virtue and it can never be ignored at all. There is no logical explanation to sweating over the uncontrollable things, hence don’t get pissed off or hurry with things and decision. Take time and enjoy every moment with tolerance. Freaking out during traveling leads to more unpleasant situations so all you need to do is control your nerves.

Tip # 2: Be the Early Bird to Travel

Rise and shine before the sunshine! It is the best way to see mesmerizing attractions while dodging a severe crowd of tourists. For photography, this time is considered the best due to soft diffused light and incredible breathtaking sceneries. Even the sketchy areas are not much dangerous at that time of the day.

Tip # 3: Make a List and Follow

Visiting a new place means research as you are not aware of its areas and excursion places. Therefore it is recommended to thoroughly research regarding the city or country you are traveling to, make a list of the places you desire to visit and then follow them. If you are moving with a plan already developed than there are higher chances that you will enjoy more and worry less. As a bonus tip, learn the common phrases such as ‘thank you’, ‘please’, ‘excuse me’ and ‘I am sorry’ in the local language before you travel to the city or country. This will make life much easier and happening.

Tip # 4: Packing Up Lightly

It won’t hurt you wearing the same jeans for a few days, therefore, it is recommended to pack half the clothes you planned initially. List down all the essential things you want and then start subtracting the not too important items from the list. Pack two to three pairs of jeans, three to four t-shirts, two sweatshirts, two soft material trousers, a sweater and a jacket (if it is winter), roll your undergarments and socks, etc. For heavy items such as boots, coats, etc. wear them as your outfit when traveling to the destination to save space in your luggage.

Tip # 5: Packing Extra Credit/Debit Card and Camera Battery

No one knows when a disaster struck you! May be got robbed in the new city or country, therefore, it is recommended to take extra credit or debit card with you so that you don’t run out of cash.

Next thing is to pack extra camera battery so that when the first one drains out, you can immediately use the next one and get a clear shot of the beautiful and mesmerizing landscapes without missing any second.

Tip # 6: Make Extra Photocopies of Important Documents

Always carry a copy of important documents with you like passport, flight details, etc. You never know when bad things happen and yeah the famous proverb a stitch in time save nine is all about it. If you plan before then you can avoid bad outcomes later.

Tip # 7: Get Lost on Purpose

Sounds ridiculous right? But trust me it has its own perks. After following your list of crucial places to visit and you have time left then get lost in the city on purpose. This way you will get the chance to see new places, discover new routes and meet people you never thought to meet before. Be adventurous as life is too short to stop experiencing new.

Tip # 8: Save Hotel Phone Number and Address and in Your Phone

If you really get lost and now not able to track back the hotel then you must have the address of the hotel to ask people regarding the direction back to it. Use your phone to call the hotel to inquire about directions if you can’t find someone to talk to.

Tip # 9: Visit Local Tourism Office

Even if you have researched all the excursion places in the city but still it is important to visit the local tourism office to inquire more about the city and exotic places to visit. They might end up giving you some discounts on helping you with transportation and their publicity.

Tip # 10: Always Book Early

Flights must be the first thing to look for, check the prices of the tickets for two way traveling. It is always recommended to book the flight in advance, at least three weeks early. This way you can find cheap traveling tickets, saving money for the trip.

Tip # 11: Travel with First Aid Kit

Pack a first aid kit with you in which there must be aspirin, paracetamol, bandages, activated charcoal pills, Neosporin and other essential things to ensure your safety and health. You never know when you need any medicine.

Tip # 12: Be Budget-Friendly

No matter how much money you are carrying and have in your bank accounts, try to go easy on your pocket. Get budget-friendly accommodations and visit pocket-friendly restaurants so that you can enjoy every single perk of the city without running short of money all of a sudden.

These are some useful tips to travel around the world with ease. Be the smartest traveler and enjoy every beauty of the city without compromising. Follow these essential tips and make sure your traveling is the best memory you can think of every time.

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