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Top 7 Packing Tips to Pack Lighter, Smarter and Faster

One of the biggest nightmares of travelers is packing. There is absolutely no doubt that packing is an art and it requires a lot of patience as well. There are several precautions, alerts, problems, pains, and crisis a person has to undergo when it comes to luggage packing for traveling.

Frequent travelers learn the art of packing with time and with their continuous visits and travels. So if you are not a regular traveler than there is nothing to be worried about, this skill is learned over time. There are many packing tips but here we are going to discuss the top 7 packing tips to pack your luggage successfully in the easiest way to make your journey memorable and stress-free right away.

Wearing the Heaviest Clothes as Outfit

One of the top packing tips is to plan your outfit for traveling days before. Why this is essential? Because if you have planned in advance then you can keep your essential heavy clothes hanged in the closet, to be used when you reach the airport. It is recommended not to waste the precious space of your luggage by overcrowding it with heavy clothes and accessories.

For example, you need to carry your coat, jacket, and boots for traveling, so it is suggested to wear the jacket, carry the coat on your hands folded neatly and wear the heavy boots to the airport. Yeah, you may look peculiar and odd but at least you can save valuable space of the luggage from heavyweight items.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are small bag designs that are used to organize as well as compartmentalize your clothes inside luggage. They help in compressing the clothes while ensuring optimum usage of space available.

With packing cubes, you can organize your luggage and make compartments for clothing based on size, colors, types, etc. In this way, you can save time in finding your clothes later on. Don’t consider packing cubes as a substitute for plastic bags because they trap moisture in them, making them stinky.

Storing Items in your Shoes

Another packing hack is utilizing space in your luggage with your shoes. With shoes, the weight of the luggage increases but leaving the shoes behind is, of course, no option at all. However, utilizing a smarter way of packing can lead to better usage of shoe space.

There are many things you can stuff in your shoes such as your socks or even smaller fragile items such as perfume bottles. If you own a new pair of shoes you can keep your undergarments too in it.

You can keep your shoes in a nylon bag so that they won’t make your other stuff dirty or stinky. If you wish to have more comfortable shoes than instead of keeping an extra pair of shoes go for soft insoles, making the same shoe comfortable and easy to wear.

Plan Before You Go

It is always necessary to plan before you leave for vacation or a business tour. Traveling is fun but packing is horrendous to the majority. Therefore plan your entire outfits for the trip and get all your matching clothes together before deciding.

Like black and blue jeans go with every colored t-shirt. Black always goes crazily awesome with anything and never clashes with any other color scheme. Just remember not to overpack at all, carefully plan every detail and count every necessary item. If your luggage is packed smartly and is light in weight, trust us you will love your trip more than anything.

Rolling and Folding Clothes

To save space in your luggage, it is always recommended to roll clothes. Rolled clothes get lesser wrinkles and are more space-friendly than the folded ones. If you are traveling for business than of course you can’t roll your coat so fold that neatly and place it at the top or even carry it in your hand.

A balanced suitcase is the most essential thing, it is always recommended to keep the bulkiest items at the bottom of the wheeled baggage. The lighter items on the top and keep the fragile items or liquid items in the middle to save them.

Protecting Fragile Items

Another exceptional packing hack is to consider a way to protect fragile items and avoiding them to break. If you are a photography lover then it is recommended to place your camera in a cloth piece and wrap it carefully to avoid any scratch.

Keep your electronic items wrapped in clothes or the middle of the luggage, protecting them from any damage. For carrying a laptop, it is always commended to use a backpack and never to keep it in your suitcase as a safety precaution.

Packing an Emergency Expandable Bag

Just in case of emergency, always carry an expandable bag in your luggage. Even if there is no emergency and you wish to visit the beach and looking forward to staying overnight than why to carry the whole suitcase? Instead, go for the expandable bag and use it for the traveling purpose while leaving your main bag in the hotel.

These days, companies are manufacturing lightweight and durable expandable bags that can fit easily in your luggage without compromising over your lightweight smarter packing ideology. It is always cleverer to carry an extra expandable bag in case you have new items with you when returning back.

These are some essential and most popular tips and tricks that can help you in packing your luggage faster than usual, smarter than ever and of course lighter than you believe. Make your trips, either they are business trips or even vacations a source of enjoyment and freedom. So instead of struggling with your heavyweight and bulky suitcases, get reliable and friendly luggage enlightening your trip with perfection and ease.

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